Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Sad Story

This story starts with last night.

A big snow storm came in last night and stayed for a while. I was supposed to fly out of Idaho Falls today, but because it was so snowy, we decided to drive to the airport a little more cautiously.
My flight was supposed to leave at 1:14, and we got to the airport at about 12:45. Now, the Idaho Falls Regional Airport is very small, so there was hardly anyone there. I go to the check-in desk, and the lady behind the counter asks if I want to go on the flight to Denver. I say "Yes" and she then tells me that if I want to, I'll have to either ditch my bag or rebook for another flight, because I'm too late. I ask if there's any way at all to get my luggage onto the plane, and she says I'll either have to ditch my luggage or rebook for another flight. I even asked the TSA people there if they could sneak it on, but they said I'd have to talk to the check-in lady. But we already know what her reply is. So, I called Dad and he said that we'd just have to rebook the flight. Which he did, so now I am flying out tomorrow, Sunday, at basically the same time.

So that's my sad story. 63.

Also, I accidentally spilled orange soda all over my laptop early this morning. And so now the space bar is SUPER sticky and I basically have to punch it with my thumbs if I want it to work. Man, this blog post was hard to write. Double 63.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ice Caves

So, tonight, as in from Friday night to early Saturday morning, we went to the ice caves. These are different from the normal caves in two ways: it is way more challenging to go through, and everything is covered in ice. It was pretty amazing. And I went with a girl. Yes mom, as in a date.

But, yeah, those caves are probably the coolest thing to do in eastern Idaho. You have to basically crouch and army crawl all over the place. And at the end, there is this room with an ice slide. It was like an amusement park, but free, and you get wet and covered in cave particles. It was super fun, and super cold.

I even have some cool battle scars from falling and slipping all over.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Three things"

Ok, so, I've been living life for the past couple of days constantly trying to come up with the master blog post idea in my head. After much deliberation with myself, I have come up with and idea. I'd like to call it "Three things." The basic idea is to come up with categories to ask yourself, and then to list three different things in that category. For example, say I wanted to do...Three things that taste really good to me. 1) Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries, 2) Take 5's, and 3) Rolls. See how easy it is? Maybe this could be the next big writing technique taught at schools all over America? We'll see.
Ok, here are some categories and answers:

Three types of clothing I hate on people: Bootcut jeans, T-shirts that are too big so the shoulder seam is down at their bicep, and finally, anything with skulls.

Three weird things I have drunken/eaten: Horse (in Italy), Pool water (thourought my life at various pools), and Evan Fiala's sweat.

Three pets I have had: Goldie the goldfish, Jack the hamster, and various bugs and critters that would hang out with me in the basement.

Three last songs I have listened to by different artists: Forget About The Forecast by The Arrival; I Can Get Back Up Now by You, Me, And Everyone We Know; Without Gravity by PlayRadioPlay!.

That's it. That's how easy my "Three things" idea is. Feel free to use it if you like. It's so simple, you can do it anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

December 16

Not only is my birthday on December 16, but there are also other people who also have their brithdays on the 16th.

1. Jane Austin - she wrote Pride and Prejudice and some other books.

2. Beethoven - he composed some music back in his day.

3. Flo Rida - he's a rapper from Florida. That's where he gets his name. How original.

4. Kaine - another rapper. The goofy looking half of the Ying Yang Twins. He's the one on the left.

Also, December 16 was the day the the Battle of the Bulge started in 1944.
Man, I have the best birthday in the whole world.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Drawing

Yesterday, Katie had her visiting teachers over, so Bryan and I hid in their study room and waited for them to leave. Bryan brought his computer back there as well, so we had a little drawing contest. I won't tell you what I asked him to draw, because he might put it online sometime. But, Bryan asked me to draw the following: a mouse, surfing on an ironing board, in a bowl full of tomato soup, with a giant putting his spoon in the soup and the mouse is going to surf into the spoon. The sun and birds are my own added specialty.


Friday, November 21, 2008

The Rexburg Po-lice

Ah, yes, the Rexburg Police Department.

Ok, so, here's the lowdown: we decided to go to Maverick (kind of like the Rexburg version of 7-Eleven), because we wanted to get some nachos and soda. So we went there and had a good time. The guy at the cashier made fun of what I was wearing (short shorts and a beater. He's a pretty cool guy), we got our food, and were sitting in Marks car just eating our food. All of a sudden, two cops pulled up on our right in the parking lot and just sit there. They didn't do anything, so we decided to go back to the dorm. Then one of them followed us out of the parking lot, and once we were on the road, he turns on his lights. And you know why? Because our windows were foggy and it was obstructing our vision.

Ok, so ha ha, that was funny. 

We continue down Main Street heading back to the dorms. We stop at a red light and see two more cops opposite from us waiting at the red light as well. We're joking at how funny it would be if we got pulled over again.
So, the light turns green and we start driving. And one of the cops makes a u-turn in the street, follows us a little and then turns on his lights as well. Wow, two pull-overs in less than five minutes. The second one was for having too many people in a car (we were all buckled), and one of the tail lights goes out periodically, and it just so did this night. 
Luckily, neither of the cops gave Mark a ticket or anything.

Well, there's a witty anecdote for you all. Do any of you have any funny police stories? I have some more, but I'll let you share.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Music and a cool job

Ok, so, I'm kind of weird, and what you are about to read may sound awkward.

I've spent the last 20 minutes on Youtube trying to find a video of the home screen of the Wii just to listen to the music.

And here is a good one:

I really like how it's ambient and all like that. It seems really rad. (Sometimes, late at night at home, I would play Alison's Sims 2 game on the Wii, and just sit there and listen to the music for a while. Hehe, I'm bad...)

I think that it'd be a really cool job to be a sound designer and write music for that sort of stuff and for commercials and what not. Kind of like the one guy from Juno who writes commercial music.

Either that job or an A&R rep. Or a natioanllaly syndicated radio personality. Or a flight attendant. Or a news anchor.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Don't worry, I didn't dye my lashes or anything. Instead, they kind of got burnt.

We had our FHE tonight at the dunes and we made a pretty monster fire. So, because the fire was so big and fiery, we decided to jump over it.

Now, don't get me wrong. I cleared that jump like a pro, but at the last second, I decided to turn my head and look back at the fire. That's when the flame hit my face.

It didn't burn or anything, but I could smell burnt hair. I figured "Oh, I probably just singed my bangs," but when I got 'home' it was a lot more than that. I had not actually burnt my bangs, but I had burnt some of my eyebrows, my eyelashes and part of my left side burn.

That's a lesson for you: always shave all bodily hair prior to fire jumping.

Friday, November 14, 2008

18 years, 10 months, 4 weeks, 1 day

That is exactly how old I am. And I was exactly 596,899,178 seconds old when I pasted that. After I saw the little thing at the top right of Anna's blog, I thought how cool it would be to have my age on my blog. So, I made myself a little counter thing. And yes, as you can tell from it, I AM a little black girl who holds a fairy wand while sitting in my red wheel chair. And, you can't really see it, but the caterpillar I am mowing down with my wheeled chair is saying "YEAH!" from his mouth.

Haha, does anyone remember from Backyard Baseball when you would click on the kid in the wheel chair and he would say "Hi, my name's Kenny Kawaguchi, and my legs don't work!"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Now that I'm away from home...

...I can do crazy things. Like dye my hair. Just because I was bored.
Yes, tonight we went to Walmart and myself and another guy dyed parts of our hair. I did some tufts on the left side of my head. I think it looks pretty cool, and I figured, "Hey, if it's all gonna fall out eventually, why not have some fun with it?" So I did. See?

As you can see, I tried the whole MySpace picture approach. Because that's what the kids are into these days. In the first picture, my hair is pulled over and in the second one it's just sitting there. So, yeah, hope you like it mom!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yes, the snowfall was definitely worth 10 exclamation points. Here's the story:

Some peeps were going to go to the pool during the evening and invited to me tag along.
So i did.
After we were done, we went outside, and it was crazy snowing! We ran over to the football field and played in the snow there. We were having a snowball fight, and, thanks to my natural scent and rugged good looks, some girls came over and started throwing snow at us. We we played with them for a little bit but they left because they had to go work on homework. So we played a little longer and then went inside. It was definitely cool. Here are some pictures I took right as I woke up in the morning.

This is from my window. This is what Rexburg, ID looks like from my window.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Nothing super-cool has happened recently in my life. Halloween was cool. There was a dance at this place, but it was super hot (temperature wise) and tons of the local rebellious Rexburg youth were drunk/high, so we left and watched part of Cloverfield. We wanted to go trick-or-treating but I was informed that it is illegal for us College kids to do so in Rexburg. So, anyways, on Sunday, Jordan (my roomate) and I accidently slept through Stake Conference and then we woke up and went to Jordan's girlfriend's roommate's birthday festivities. It was fun. I gave her a picture of her riding a unicorn through space. Pictures are on Facebook somewhere if you want to look at them. Hmmm...what else. Oh yeah! We tried to go to the bi-weekly evening hip-hop class on Thursday, but no one was there! Probably watching the Office or something. So we did some cartwheels and played with some jump ropes and left.

That is the extent of my life in Idaho.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thanks Soapers!!

I wanted to send Soaps an email because she persuaded her mom and dad into sending me a package. But, I realized I didn't have her email so I decided to dedicate this post to her and her parents. Soaps sent the package because I am her favorite uncle. See?

There you have it folks. Direct from the baby herself. Anyways, the contents of the package included: a red monster homie, some Hersey's candies, some pimple candy, some gum, a red wig, and a miniature bowling game. Here is a picture of me modeling the above mentioned goodies:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Deseret Industries

I went to DI Saturday morning with some pals and gals. More like pal and his gal and her gal roommates. That was the earliest I've woken up on a Saturday in a long time. Anyhoo, whilst there, I was able to find my complete Halloween costume. I am being AJ Mclean from the Backstreet Boys. The other four members are being portrayed by other guys. My costume includes: a white tank top, black track pants, and some white leather high top Converses which I am super ecstatic about. I am also growing a moustache as AJ likes to style a goatee. I will probably use an eyelash makeup brush thingy on the facial hair that'll be there to make it dark (thanks for the idea Lisa!).
At DI, I also purchased the following: a pair of short shorts, some sweet pseudo moccasin sandals, a black/baby blue wool hat (complete with poof on top), and some movies. All in all I'd say twas a good run.
Expect pictures of the 'Backstreet Boys' sometime, so you can see the awesome costumes.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Haunted Mill

Tonight, our ward, the BYU-Idaho 60th ward of the BYU-Idaho First stake, had a ward activity where we went to a haunted house in Teton, ID. It's called 'The Haunted Mill' and has been in business for 11 years. It's pretty dang scary. You go up into the mill, and below it, and in a storage shed, and a bridge, and its all well done. The masks the actors use are professionally made masks like warthogs and aliens and creepers and everything. It was crazy.
It takes about 1.25 hours to go through it, so it's well worth the $5.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Debit cards and Chinese companies

A couple days ago I tried buying some hoodies and t-shirts online. Normally, hoodies, like the kind I wanted to buy, run anywhere from $250-$400. But the ones I was buying were fake, so they were brought down to $55 a piece. Yessss.

These weren't any run-of-the-mill replicas though, they were BAPE and Billionaire Boys Club, both known for being bought by rappers and spoiled white kids. I fall into the category of a white kid who had a job over the summer and earned his own money.

Anyways, when trying to order these articles of clothing, the company had on their site that they only ship to addresses where the billing and mailing address match. Mine didn't , but I thought that they didn't enforce it. They did. My order was declined, and I was still billed for my purchase. I emailed USAA and asked them to remove the proposed transaction, and they said to give the Chinese company the USAA phone number to call and to verify that the transaction should be voided. When I checked my account status online, the order had been removed, and I got my money back! Now I just have to watch it closely to make sure the company doesn't try to do anything else sneaky...

I just went ahead and bought some hoodies from a well known American based company instead. I doubt there'll be any sneakage going on there.

Moral of the story, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And sneaky companies. But you probably don't want to use an apple, you'll probably want to go with a good phone number or e-mail address.

**As requested, here are pictures of the hoodies and tees**

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Forecast

So it's supposed to snow tonight/this weekend/sometime. Hopefully it does. It flurried the other day as I was walking to class, but my sources (yes, sources, I have multiple friends) have said that this snow may reach up to one foot. If it does, or if it even gets to one inch, I will be having fun in the current 28 degree weather. I haven't seen real snow in a while, due to the fact of having a "green" Christmas in VA last year, so I'm hoping for a plethora of snow.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Double copy cat

So after having read Chris' new blog, I figured I'm the only unit in my family that doesn't have a blog (except for stinky kid), so I decided to join the bandwagon. And I'm also going to do the questionnaire, because I want to fit in instead of being the awkward puzzle piece.
Ok, so here goes:

5 Things I’ve done in the past 10 years

1. Successfully washed a load of laundry by myself.

2. Shaved my head. Twice.

3. Walked a half hour just to go to DI. And not get anything.

4. Graduated high school.

5. Watched all 8 hours of the "Band of Brothers" series in one sitting. Again, twice.

5 things I wish I could do today

1. Get started on homework.

2. Buy some stamps.

3. Empty my trash receptacle.

4. Get my tattoo removed. (Hahaha, just kidding mom!)

5. Sell my plasma down the street.

5 foods I wouldn’t want to do without

1. Take 5's

2. Meat

3. Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries

4. Soda

5. Gum

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire

1. Buy a Mini.

2. Hire some folks to constantly play theme music to my life.

3. Make a corn maze out of candy corn.

4. Buy a plane ticket and fly around the world.

5. Spend all the rest to win the big dog at the amusement park games.

5 places I have lived

1. Arizona

2. New Mexico

3. California

4. Virginia

5. Berlin

5 jobs I’ve had

1. Cashier/Slave

2. Babysat

3. Raked the leaves once

4. Flyer passer outer

5. Salesman

5 people I tag

1. Chris

2. everyone else has already done it...

3. ...

4. ...

5. ...