Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yes, the snowfall was definitely worth 10 exclamation points. Here's the story:

Some peeps were going to go to the pool during the evening and invited to me tag along.
So i did.
After we were done, we went outside, and it was crazy snowing! We ran over to the football field and played in the snow there. We were having a snowball fight, and, thanks to my natural scent and rugged good looks, some girls came over and started throwing snow at us. We we played with them for a little bit but they left because they had to go work on homework. So we played a little longer and then went inside. It was definitely cool. Here are some pictures I took right as I woke up in the morning.

This is from my window. This is what Rexburg, ID looks like from my window.


ali said...

oh i'm soooo jealous!!!
and yes, i'm sure it was your rugged looks that reigned those girls in haha

Katie said...

By your natural scent do you mean that one that gets amplified by the humidity in the shower and makes you smell worse than usual?

Also, what are your plans for Thanksgiving? Please get back to Bryan and me about this ASAP. Gracias, errr, Danka I think.

P.S. Congrats on the girls. Remember to be nice. You never know.

Chris said...

that's a pretty sweet view of scenic rexburg from your window.I like the yellow caution ribbon and the crane.

Lisa Lou said...

hm. idaho is pretty flat. I thought it would be more like Provo with the big mountains right next to it. oh well. also, at BYU you can get fined $200 for having a snow ball fight. whatever. also, I love the snow too! and I can't wait to play in it and maybe learn to ski. remember when you all went to the Alps and skied when I was at BYU. Yeah, good times.