Friday, November 14, 2008

18 years, 10 months, 4 weeks, 1 day

That is exactly how old I am. And I was exactly 596,899,178 seconds old when I pasted that. After I saw the little thing at the top right of Anna's blog, I thought how cool it would be to have my age on my blog. So, I made myself a little counter thing. And yes, as you can tell from it, I AM a little black girl who holds a fairy wand while sitting in my red wheel chair. And, you can't really see it, but the caterpillar I am mowing down with my wheeled chair is saying "YEAH!" from his mouth.

Haha, does anyone remember from Backyard Baseball when you would click on the kid in the wheel chair and he would say "Hi, my name's Kenny Kawaguchi, and my legs don't work!"


Lisa Lou said...

I was eating some tortilla chips when I read this and almost chocked on one. Thanks for the midday entertainment.


Anna said...


That was an awesome post.

ThomasCL said...

Hey, so because I know Chris's password I copied your funniness. Check out his blog quick before he figures it out and changes it.

ThomasCL said...

Dang it. That last comment was me, Anna, not Chris. I forgot to log out of his account before I wrote these two comments.

ThomasCL said...

This in the REAL Chris. Anna's joke was not funny. I made her take it down. But I liked the Kenny Kawaguchi reference. I laughed while I was in the library. Why was he so happy that his legs didn't work. And saying that they "don't work" is weird. It's like he's complaining that they ran out of batteries, or someone dropped them in a puddle. And why would you introduce yourself like that? And why was he on a baseball video game? Was he good? I can't imagine he would be very fast in real life. And how would he slide?

(meow nathan, alison, lisa)
Pyanicta sounds like Ayia Nichta which means Christmas Eve in greek. How appropriate!

bryan lewis said...

Kenny Kawaguchi had really good hitting skills i think. I'm pretty sure that he could go fast on his wheel chair too. Probably the programmers did that so that the handicapped kids won't always be picked last.