Friday, November 21, 2008

The Rexburg Po-lice

Ah, yes, the Rexburg Police Department.

Ok, so, here's the lowdown: we decided to go to Maverick (kind of like the Rexburg version of 7-Eleven), because we wanted to get some nachos and soda. So we went there and had a good time. The guy at the cashier made fun of what I was wearing (short shorts and a beater. He's a pretty cool guy), we got our food, and were sitting in Marks car just eating our food. All of a sudden, two cops pulled up on our right in the parking lot and just sit there. They didn't do anything, so we decided to go back to the dorm. Then one of them followed us out of the parking lot, and once we were on the road, he turns on his lights. And you know why? Because our windows were foggy and it was obstructing our vision.

Ok, so ha ha, that was funny. 

We continue down Main Street heading back to the dorms. We stop at a red light and see two more cops opposite from us waiting at the red light as well. We're joking at how funny it would be if we got pulled over again.
So, the light turns green and we start driving. And one of the cops makes a u-turn in the street, follows us a little and then turns on his lights as well. Wow, two pull-overs in less than five minutes. The second one was for having too many people in a car (we were all buckled), and one of the tail lights goes out periodically, and it just so did this night. 
Luckily, neither of the cops gave Mark a ticket or anything.

Well, there's a witty anecdote for you all. Do any of you have any funny police stories? I have some more, but I'll let you share.


Chris said...

Ehhhhh. Heh heh. I noticed no one shared an experience.
No, I don't have any police stories either guys...

However, I saw Officer Hill around Provo a few times after the incident. I doubt he remembered me, but I definitely remembered him.

Have you heard anything about the school bus of 2nd and 3rd graders chanting 'assassinate Obama'? Pretty messed up. I heard the mayor apologized for the city because no one knew who should do what.

Yeah, I would avoid doing anything bad in Rexburg/Provo because the whole force will come out after you. I used to hear the police talk over our radio scanner in the EMS office and it was pretty boring. At least here in Lincoln there are lots and lots of drug busts and binge drinking going on.

Bryan Lewis said...

I have never had any problems with the law. I have never been in a car accident, no speeding tickets (except for going 2 kilometers an hour over the speed limit in Switzerland), and no drug busts. Clean as a whistle. I bet whistles aren't all that clean because of all the dried saliva on it.