Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Music and a cool job

Ok, so, I'm kind of weird, and what you are about to read may sound awkward.

I've spent the last 20 minutes on Youtube trying to find a video of the home screen of the Wii just to listen to the music.

And here is a good one:

I really like how it's ambient and all like that. It seems really rad. (Sometimes, late at night at home, I would play Alison's Sims 2 game on the Wii, and just sit there and listen to the music for a while. Hehe, I'm bad...)

I think that it'd be a really cool job to be a sound designer and write music for that sort of stuff and for commercials and what not. Kind of like the one guy from Juno who writes commercial music.

Either that job or an A&R rep. Or a natioanllaly syndicated radio personality. Or a flight attendant. Or a news anchor.


Lisa Lou said...

hmmm...I think you would be a good radio DJ. You could major in journalism or something and then go into advertising and radio spots. That would be cool.
Also, you wrote this pretty late/early. yikes!


bryan lewis said...

i can imagine you with long hair, transition lensed glasses, a mustache, and and intense look in your eyes playing new age mood music on your synthesizer at home.

ali said...

WHAT?! you played my sims game without asking me?? how dare you!!
but i have to agree that that music is very relaxing!

susno (meow lisa!)

ThomasCL said...

One of the girls I worked with over the summer had an older brother that was an A&R rep. She said that she got to know the guys from Green Day really well and that they slept over a couple of times, and that part of his job required him to go to all he Warped Tour performances.
He started out by getting to know the Blink 182 guys real well, and they started introducing him around to people.
You should go to local concerts and get to know who the influential people are and hang out with them. The music industry is all about connections.
Do they have music clubs in rexburg? Provo had like two or three, but I never really liked the Provo music scene. Too many gentle guitar solos or dramatic gothic makeup acts. How cool can you get in Provo?