Sunday, May 10, 2009

What I've done since I've been home

1. Mission stuff. Shopping, shots, more shopping, and online shopping.
2. Went through a poison ivy cycle. Complete with gross face swelling as well as steroid usage for three weeks.
2. Slept in a lot. Until 2 most days.
3. Not work. Giant didn't want me back for only a month.
4. Went through the temple. Yay!
5. Sweat a lot. I hate the humidity..
6. A couple of pimples! I think its because of the sweat.. Or maybe because I don't shave..
7. Not shaving every other day. Aaahhh....
8. Haircuts! It was a mullet for a week and then I had to cut it. Now it's a super-short number 4 all over.
9. Played a final Gold Team show. It was fun
10. Write this final blog for 2 years. Now I have a reason not to write anymore, Katie. HAHAHAHA! I win the money!

Do zobaczenia w dwa lata!

- Nathan