Sunday, May 10, 2009

What I've done since I've been home

1. Mission stuff. Shopping, shots, more shopping, and online shopping.
2. Went through a poison ivy cycle. Complete with gross face swelling as well as steroid usage for three weeks.
2. Slept in a lot. Until 2 most days.
3. Not work. Giant didn't want me back for only a month.
4. Went through the temple. Yay!
5. Sweat a lot. I hate the humidity..
6. A couple of pimples! I think its because of the sweat.. Or maybe because I don't shave..
7. Not shaving every other day. Aaahhh....
8. Haircuts! It was a mullet for a week and then I had to cut it. Now it's a super-short number 4 all over.
9. Played a final Gold Team show. It was fun
10. Write this final blog for 2 years. Now I have a reason not to write anymore, Katie. HAHAHAHA! I win the money!

Do zobaczenia w dwa lata!

- Nathan


Katie said...

Haha. That will win the money. :) I will miss your posts, your visits, our wonderful games of me creaming you and Bryan at Monopoly, coming into my apartment to find you watching Santa Clause versus the Martians, and... you! Be a good boy!

ali said...