Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hey my family! 7.8.10

Hey family and everyone,

Thanks for writing. We've had a pretty good week. Elder Torke is a really funny guy. Maybe it's because he's German, or maybe because Europeans are just funny people, but he says some of the darndest things! I've started keeping a list in my planner of all of the crazy things that he says. And he has a funny accent.

Hmm, this past week has been kind of bland again. Office life is pretty routine: Wake up, shower/eat/study, drive to the office, do stuff for a few hours, realize it's 18:00 and you're free, spend the evening as desired, go home. Usually we like to go to the disco bar or catch a film in the evenings. Haha, just kidding! We do whiteboards or attend FHE or Institute and try to get a meeting in when we can. Elder Torke met this guy last week on a whiteboard and he gave him a Book of Mormon. Torke called the guy the other day and the dude said that he's been reading from the BoM and it's not too bad. Now THAT'S not too bad!

There was a baptism today. Our sisters baptized a lady named Pauline. She's from Africa (somehwere, not too sure...) and she's been meeting with the missionaries for a while now. So thats way cool. We went with the sisters after the baptism to TGI Friday's. I ate some brownies and ice cream.

Today, while we were sitting in our Misison van (the warsaw district president sometimes borrows our car on the weekends and we then are stuck with "The Transporter." Actually, it's way fuin to drive. you basically control the flow of traffic) I had kind of this revelation on how to make a lot of money. It involves a rapper persona and writing positive, uplifting, childrens raps/music and having school districts hire me for elementary school assemblies. And there would be a play and I would rap and stuff about why drugs are bad, to stay in school, combat bullying, and sharing. I really think that it'll work big time. For real.

Elder Torke and I played some pool this morning. We have a pool table in our apartment and we like to play with it. Some missionaries before us bought it and that is nice. Our apartment actually has a lot of amenities thanks to former missionaries: pool table, magnet dart board, weights, punching bag, trampoline, nice music speakers, and left over bubble-bath stuff. I took a bubble bath the other day. It was pretty fun for the first 10-15 minutes and then it got kind of boring. I didn't really know what one is supposed to do in a bubble bath. So, I let the water out and smeared the bubbles all over and made like a slip-and-slide in the bathtub. It kind of hurt my spine though...

That's cool that you'all are out visiting Chris and Anna. Give Soapy and Jo-jo a couple high fives from me!

Well, I think that that's mostly it! Have a cool week and be sure to keep your feet dry!

Love, Starszy Lewis

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