Friday, February 27, 2009

Nissionary Haircut

I'm a nissionary monkey, my name's Buddy, I'm a nissionary monkey, my name's Buddy, I'm a nissionary monkey, my name's Buddy. Hey get out of here! We don't want ya!

That's right, I cut my hair missionary style. And I did most of it myself, so I'm pretty proud of it. It was actually a haircut in three installments. The first night, I cut it to look kind of like a Spanish mullet, in that it is still long on top but does sort of a mullet thing on the way down the back and is short on the sides. Like this: But it wasnt that long on the back, but it looked pretty cool.
The next night, I realized that it was a little uneven so I decided to even it out and fix it up a little bit. But, I cut off too much on the top, so it just looked like a metal kid mohawk. And whenever I looked in the mirror, I wanted to go put on a black t-shirt with the sleeves cut, gain 50 pounds, pierce my eyebrows, and go beat up some kids.
So then, the third and final night, I just took the shaver and chopped everything off. The top is a number 8 down to the nape of my neck, and the sides are a 6. But you can't really tell. So its classy yet classic. Here's a visual:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Poland, Warsaw

That is where I got called on my mission! I report to the Provo MTC on May 13th. And, I get to learn Polish! I've been looking at the Polish language, and it is nothing like German or English. Probably because it is a Slavic language, and English and German are Germanic. But, lucky for me, English and German are the second best known languages in Poland. The internet is so smart.

My mission covers all of Poland, and just Poland. Here are some pictures I found online of the country and downtown Warsaw:

Yay for Poland!