Thursday, February 5, 2009

Poland, Warsaw

That is where I got called on my mission! I report to the Provo MTC on May 13th. And, I get to learn Polish! I've been looking at the Polish language, and it is nothing like German or English. Probably because it is a Slavic language, and English and German are Germanic. But, lucky for me, English and German are the second best known languages in Poland. The internet is so smart.

My mission covers all of Poland, and just Poland. Here are some pictures I found online of the country and downtown Warsaw:

Yay for Poland!


Katie said...

Congratulations Nathan! :)

Bryan Lewis said...

super cool. do you remember poland at all? i can remember the illegal fireworks that you can buy there for sylvester. oh man, that's a holiday that you can look forward to.

Anna said...

Nathan, I am so so so so excited for you. Who goes to Poland? Also, every book I've ever read based in Poland is really sad should memorize a lot of jokes so you can cheer every body up when you get there.

ali said...



yay nathan ów tak pasjonujący. będziesz ma być uczyć mi polski podczas ty przyjść w tył. człowiek ono wygląd rzeczywiście ładny tam. ja jestem zazdrosny. jesteś gonna mieć pewien silny podmuch wiatru. z nadzieją ten nie jest fatalny podczas ty znaleźć na zewnątrz co ono mówi.

haha there are english and polish words in there. :)

Lisa Lou said...

woah. ali knows polish? I remember we went to the outdoor market there one time as a family and Chris and Bryan and probably you too, Nath, were trying to smash a lighter with rocks and it exploded. There were some polish army guys watching. good times.
also, I believe polish is slavic but uses a germanic alphabet. I think.