Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Sad Story

This story starts with last night.

A big snow storm came in last night and stayed for a while. I was supposed to fly out of Idaho Falls today, but because it was so snowy, we decided to drive to the airport a little more cautiously.
My flight was supposed to leave at 1:14, and we got to the airport at about 12:45. Now, the Idaho Falls Regional Airport is very small, so there was hardly anyone there. I go to the check-in desk, and the lady behind the counter asks if I want to go on the flight to Denver. I say "Yes" and she then tells me that if I want to, I'll have to either ditch my bag or rebook for another flight, because I'm too late. I ask if there's any way at all to get my luggage onto the plane, and she says I'll either have to ditch my luggage or rebook for another flight. I even asked the TSA people there if they could sneak it on, but they said I'd have to talk to the check-in lady. But we already know what her reply is. So, I called Dad and he said that we'd just have to rebook the flight. Which he did, so now I am flying out tomorrow, Sunday, at basically the same time.

So that's my sad story. 63.

Also, I accidentally spilled orange soda all over my laptop early this morning. And so now the space bar is SUPER sticky and I basically have to punch it with my thumbs if I want it to work. Man, this blog post was hard to write. Double 63.


Lisa Lou said... told me about this today when I talked to her. Sad.

Bryan Lewis said...

oh man. so sad for you.

Katie said...

63 for you Nathan. If it makes you feel any better (which it should) I thought of a genius, thoughtful gift for you today which I'm working on. Remember I'm your favorite sister-in-law? (Second only, of course, to Anna the Manna.)

Stay on track,

P.S. I once spilled milk on the family computer keyboard when I was in high school. Mommy was not so happy when she had to clean out the whole thing with a Q-tip. Crap. I guess I really am Katie Q-tip.

Katie said...


1. You said you were going to blog again and you have not yet. Shame on you. Repent, please.

2. Your mom called tonight and said that you're supposed to be getting your call soon! Please let us know where you'll be going! We're super excited for you! (Well, Bryan hasn't been home since your mom called, but I'm for sure excited for you.) :)