Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ice Caves

So, tonight, as in from Friday night to early Saturday morning, we went to the ice caves. These are different from the normal caves in two ways: it is way more challenging to go through, and everything is covered in ice. It was pretty amazing. And I went with a girl. Yes mom, as in a date.

But, yeah, those caves are probably the coolest thing to do in eastern Idaho. You have to basically crouch and army crawl all over the place. And at the end, there is this room with an ice slide. It was like an amusement park, but free, and you get wet and covered in cave particles. It was super fun, and super cold.

I even have some cool battle scars from falling and slipping all over.


Anna said...

I think that it should be required that when anyone mentions a date on a blog they should be required to attach a picture of the person they went on a date with. Maybe we should vote on it. All in favor?

ali said...

i agree with anna.
did you ask the girl or did she ask you natey?

Nathan said...

Umm, I don't know if I would put her picture up. Maybe she is in the witness protection program and doesn't want to be found? Who knows.

And Ali, of course I asked her. I am 18. I am capable of such things.

Katie said...

I am most deffinitely in favor. Also, I want you to know that for your birthday I was going to give you a list of great dating advice, but we gave you the other cool present instead. Maybe if you're lucky I'll still send you some great advice. After all, freshman year love... you never know.

Lisa Lou said...

um. I don't like idea. at all. but I will like it if it only applies to Nathan. and Alison.

Patricia said...

I like the idea! I think everyone should put up pictures of their dates!
And you're almost 19.....any birthday gift ideas? Mission stuff?