Friday, February 27, 2009

Nissionary Haircut

I'm a nissionary monkey, my name's Buddy, I'm a nissionary monkey, my name's Buddy, I'm a nissionary monkey, my name's Buddy. Hey get out of here! We don't want ya!

That's right, I cut my hair missionary style. And I did most of it myself, so I'm pretty proud of it. It was actually a haircut in three installments. The first night, I cut it to look kind of like a Spanish mullet, in that it is still long on top but does sort of a mullet thing on the way down the back and is short on the sides. Like this: But it wasnt that long on the back, but it looked pretty cool.
The next night, I realized that it was a little uneven so I decided to even it out and fix it up a little bit. But, I cut off too much on the top, so it just looked like a metal kid mohawk. And whenever I looked in the mirror, I wanted to go put on a black t-shirt with the sleeves cut, gain 50 pounds, pierce my eyebrows, and go beat up some kids.
So then, the third and final night, I just took the shaver and chopped everything off. The top is a number 8 down to the nape of my neck, and the sides are a 6. But you can't really tell. So its classy yet classic. Here's a visual:


Chris said...

I love to cut my own hair. I like to use a 2 all over and then hold a mirror in front of me while i stand looking away from a wall mirror and trim my nape with my arm behind my back.
I am the annie oakley of hair cuttery.
Sometimes it looks nice, usually it looks pretty trashy, but it's always a fun time.


ali said...

i love to cut my own hair too. one time, i used a 4 all over and it was AWESOME!
also, in the picture you have forehead wrinkles like me.

Katie said...

I would have cut it for you. I am such a profee now.

Bryan Lewis said...

So are you reading the work and the glory? I saw a copy of it on the book shelf behind you. Aw nafe nafe, you are such a sap.

Anna said...

A girl I used to visit teach was looking at herself in the mirror one day and there happened to be a pair of scissors laying on the counter so she just randomly took the scissors and cut off her pony tail.

I think it is highly likely that if I left a pair of scissors on the bathroom counter long enough I would do this.

It looks good Nathan. Maybe people will talk to you in Poland.