Friday, March 13, 2009

House 343

Haunted houses are pretty scary. I'm not talking about those amusement ones you go to around Halloween time. I'm talking about houses that are actually reported to be haunted. This one in particular is shall be known as House 343 in St. Anthony, ID.

A few guys on our floor heard stories about this abandoned house about 20 minutes from Rexburg. Ghost stories. As in the guy who told the stories has for certain seen things in that house and will take people there, but not go in anymore. We decided we would go. So, a group of about 10 of us drove out there and it was definitely freaky. On the way down, we realized that it was early moring on Friday the 13th. Uh oh. When we got there, we were standing out in front of the house debating whether to go in or not. While standing there, a random car pulled up and there were two teenage guys in it who said that the house was haunted and they had gone in by themselves. We went inside and explored around a little bit. There was trash and things that I guess people just drop off that they dont want anymore: lamps, couches, books, mirrors, and tons of other junk. We didn't actually see anything because some of the guys were being loud and annoying and we think it scared the ghosts off. But, the picture below is of the front of the house. Look up in the window in the upper left corner. You see it? We all think its pretty freaky looking.
Ohh, just looking at it gives me the heebie jeebies. Were planning on going again with select individuals who won't mess around the whole time so we can get some better pictures and what not.


Lisa Lou said...

so I saw this thing on the discovery channel one time about haunted places and the idaho state penitentiary was one of them. Didn't you go there before? That would be scary!

Katie said...

Umm... I definitely didn't see anything in the upper left hand window.

Bryan Lewis said...

is there supposed to be a person in the window? because it looks like the refracted light from the flash hiting the back wall at an angle. also, what is the glowing white thing in the window next to the door? a tv? glare from the flash? a mysterious square ghost?

remember that time you got that UFO book and you were really scared of aliens?