Monday, November 3, 2008


Nothing super-cool has happened recently in my life. Halloween was cool. There was a dance at this place, but it was super hot (temperature wise) and tons of the local rebellious Rexburg youth were drunk/high, so we left and watched part of Cloverfield. We wanted to go trick-or-treating but I was informed that it is illegal for us College kids to do so in Rexburg. So, anyways, on Sunday, Jordan (my roomate) and I accidently slept through Stake Conference and then we woke up and went to Jordan's girlfriend's roommate's birthday festivities. It was fun. I gave her a picture of her riding a unicorn through space. Pictures are on Facebook somewhere if you want to look at them. Hmmm...what else. Oh yeah! We tried to go to the bi-weekly evening hip-hop class on Thursday, but no one was there! Probably watching the Office or something. So we did some cartwheels and played with some jump ropes and left.

That is the extent of my life in Idaho.


ali said...

hip hop class?
that sounds...rocking. haha
for mutual this week, the priests are teaching the laurels how to hip hop. i am pretty psyched!
oh and what part of cloverfield did you watch? the part where the girl explodes? that's my FAVORITE PART!!!! hahahahahaha. okay, bye now!

Lisa Lou said...

yeah halloween is lame.

ThomasCL said...

whatever. you didn't sleep in on accident. That's ok though. One day I slept for 15 hours and then i woke up at 5 pm on a Saturday and all the guys on my floor were gone. I think they went to the dollar theater. So I went to the cafeteria and ate a chili bowl all by myself until the cafeteria closed and then i went back to my room and listened to music. It was the most lonely day of my life.

Anna said...

Since we are on this lonely/sad kick I would like to share my saddest moment from middle school. I was super DOOPER blooper shy in eighth grade. I read a lot and one day I read a book where a kid dares another kid to go a whole day at school without saying a word. That sounded cool so I thought I would try it. Here's the sad part: No one noticed. I even sat with my friends at lunch and they didn't figure it out. Man, middle school is the worst.