Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thanks Soapers!!

I wanted to send Soaps an email because she persuaded her mom and dad into sending me a package. But, I realized I didn't have her email so I decided to dedicate this post to her and her parents. Soaps sent the package because I am her favorite uncle. See?

There you have it folks. Direct from the baby herself. Anyways, the contents of the package included: a red monster homie, some Hersey's candies, some pimple candy, some gum, a red wig, and a miniature bowling game. Here is a picture of me modeling the above mentioned goodies:


Soapers said...

whatev- ur welcome
I had 2 get u the monster bcoz when I saw it I lol'd and fotfl.
ur bffl

Lisa Lou said...

man...the soapers is one awesome baby!

Lisa Lou said...

also, I see you got some Trident Gum as well....good thing!! hehehehe.

ali said...

boy i'm jealous.
nafey, you look so old in this pic!
also, where'd you get the v-neck white t-shirt. you look like Edward bhahahahahaaa!

ThomasCL said...

hey. i wanted to eat one of those zit things until i looked at the cover too long. I love gummy candy, but that grossed me out. hope it's good.