Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Don't worry, I didn't dye my lashes or anything. Instead, they kind of got burnt.

We had our FHE tonight at the dunes and we made a pretty monster fire. So, because the fire was so big and fiery, we decided to jump over it.

Now, don't get me wrong. I cleared that jump like a pro, but at the last second, I decided to turn my head and look back at the fire. That's when the flame hit my face.

It didn't burn or anything, but I could smell burnt hair. I figured "Oh, I probably just singed my bangs," but when I got 'home' it was a lot more than that. I had not actually burnt my bangs, but I had burnt some of my eyebrows, my eyelashes and part of my left side burn.

That's a lesson for you: always shave all bodily hair prior to fire jumping.


ThomasCL said...

Remember that time I wanted you to hear the sound of the lighter spewing out the gas, but I played a funny joke and lit it? A lot of your hair burnt off then. Or maybe that was Bryan. I am pretty sure it was you. I had a teacher in chemistry class that played with fire a lot and burnt off his eyebrows lighting a balloon full of hydrogen on fire in front of us. He filled one with oxygen, one with helium and one with hydrogen. He forgot to step back for the hydrogen balloon, and I could feel the heat 4 rows back. I hope your eyebrows grow in normally.

Lisa Lou said...

nath, don't you remember the story of Kettle Head?
I told that story at our ward campout and no one liked it. Sad.

Katie said...

I'm still laughing about you having bangs.

David x- said...

man, when mom told us about this post i figured that you had jumped the fire in a 4-wheeler since you were at the dunes. so i read it today and found that you had just jumped it normally. just so you know, i was super jealous of you jumping a fire in a quad. but now i'm not. the end.

(meow lisa)

Edwin R. said...

oh yeah, i was planning on making a fire sometime and jumping it with my bike after mom told us about it.
the end.