Monday, November 24, 2008

A Drawing

Yesterday, Katie had her visiting teachers over, so Bryan and I hid in their study room and waited for them to leave. Bryan brought his computer back there as well, so we had a little drawing contest. I won't tell you what I asked him to draw, because he might put it online sometime. But, Bryan asked me to draw the following: a mouse, surfing on an ironing board, in a bowl full of tomato soup, with a giant putting his spoon in the soup and the mouse is going to surf into the spoon. The sun and birds are my own added specialty.



Bryan Lewis said...

it must have taken a true genius to come up with a subject as great as this.
i especially love the fact that the giant has six fingers on his right hand.

ali said...

i notice the fact that the giant has an extremely hairy chest. it's quite intimidating.


Chris said...

i like the giant's gummy smile and nubby teeth. He looks more like Soapy than you probably realize. HA! Don't tell anna. I don't like how he holds his spoon though. He looks like a goober.
Cool drawing skills.
I never know what to do when Anna gets visit taught. I used to go sit in my room on the bed or read a book or something. It is weird when there are only two rooms in the house too. It is super obvious and uncomfortable to get up and hide.

throopin (rap cat lisa, alison, nathan)

Anna said...

I worry that the soup is going to spill over.

Lisa Lou said...

I especially like the sunglasses on the sun. That means he's cool.
Comment to Chris: remember when I was over at your house one time and Anna's VT was there and we just sat at the kitchen table and tried to be quiet. That was funny.

Back to Nathan: The detail is amazing.