Saturday, November 3, 2012

Snorkels, Albuquerque, and Platypi

I gave Katrina over at here the opportunity to give a few words and I am going to attempt to tie them into my life.

1) Snorkels. This is easy: I've never been snorkeling. I've never been scuba diving. BUT, when I was in the fire department in high school we played with the scba's (like scuba but without the "u" part which stands for underwater fyi) and that was neat. Bam, scba's beats scuba beats snorkels.

2) Albuquerque. This is easy as well: I used to live there. Do I remember anything about it? Not at all. Well, I do remember going through Albuquerque to get to Philmont back in either sophomore or junior year of high school. We stayed in a hotel there for a night. Philmont was cool: 15ish boys hiking for 10 days without taking showers. Bam, Albuquerque.

3) Platypi. Now this one is hard. Fun facts: Platypi (is this the correct pluralization) lay eggs and have barbs on their hind feet. And they're mammals. And they still even lay eggs. Bam, fun facts.

Well, there you have it folks. Meh, family. You guys are my main audience. Peace out scout.


Anna said...

I'm not gonna lie--every time I see reference a girl(or more likely see you in a picture with a girl on Facebook)I wonder how they figure or don't figure in your romantic life. Usually with a small amount of (harmless--I promise...) stalking I can put together a hypothesis of where the girl fits for you on the luv spectrum. However,it would be much faster and more accurate if you would just provide a detailed account of your love life. Or maybe one of these girls would like to provide a synopsis for me.
I can't help it, I'm just too curious.

But don't worry, if you wanted just a normal comment I have that too.

Anna said...

So it turns out that the same rule about the plural of "octopus" applies to "platypus" I'm pretty sure Bryan was the first one to point out this clip that talks about octopus:


Bryan Lewis said...

I think you can say the plural of platypus could just be platypuses. I don't know. And fun facts are the best facts.

Katie Lewis said...

Amen to Anna's (first) comment. It is so hard trying to non-creepily piece together your love life!

(And just in case those nice, pretty girls on that blog come over here and see us being crazy about Nathan's love life, please know that Anna and I are his sister-in-laws and really what we want to know (aside from all the juicy details--hint hint Nathan) are whether or not the girlfriend he's secretly hiding from us is going to be fun to hang out with at Christmas. But probably you are. But probably not this Christmas. Unless you're a secret fiance. Or a secret wife.)

Also, who knew about the barbs on the hind feet? Wacky.

Patricia said...

ha,ha Nathan. Love the random facts. It was in Albuquerque that you were 12 months to 2 years old and into EVERYTHING!! Making sure I saw you dig in the fireplace, and throw all the magazines off the end table. Open up the flour canister and dump in the oil. Open the fridge, take out the carton of eggs, and drop them one by one on the kitchen floor. This was after the father and son camp-out where they had an egg-toss game. Good times!! Love you buddy, thanks for writing!

Lisa Lou said...

Platypi/platypodes/platypuses are seriously the freakiest animals. I mean, they look really cute and all, but then the more I find out about them the more Frankenstein-ish they become.