Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Per Anna's request - The $100 challenge

Anna gave me (and the rest of the world too I guess) a shout-out in her post asking what I'd do with $100. Of course, since I've been on a Harry Potter rush for the past few weeks, I've decided to follow the example of Leprechaun gold and only give myself a set amount of time (shall we say 24 hours?) and see what would happen.


I could be responsible and use it wisely like buy an actual full tank of gas or get groceries, but seeing as I'm almost 23 and single and independent, why not go crazy? Two words: animal shirts. Yep, I'd probably spend all $100 on animal shirts. At least five or six could easily be purchased. I own four animal shirts and sweater and honestly they get maximum complements. Like this one. I have this one ordered and am just waiting for its arrival = super excited.

But Nathan! Why don't you just go to DI and get a whole bunch for $2 a piece? It isn't that easy because they go like hot cakes. Or Twinkies nowadays. In all of my DI excursions, I've only ever found one shirt: my tan shirt with a print of an elk doing its call.

Also, I might hold off on a couple of the shirts and buy a pair of pants instead to wear for dates.

Also, I really like your idea, Anna, of incorporating art-links to specific words. Meow.

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Katie Lewis said...

This post makes me think that the Unicorns + Narwhal shirt we bought you last year for Christmas was probably the best gift we've ever given. The end.