Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kershaw Intermediate School

This semester I'm in a preliminary student teaching class. For those of you that have yet to know, I'm studying Elementary education here at The Brigham Young University of Idaho. Taa daa.

Anyway, every Wednesday and Friday, the girl I'm partners with (Mom, Alison, Lisa, Katie, and Anna: she's married. Don't start.) and I go to Mrs. Zorbachonk247's (name has been changed) 5th grade class and work with her students. I finally got all of the student's names down today of which I'm very proud.

We teach lessons mainly about social studies and history. We are currently doing colonies and it's been groovy. I had to learn them myself as I never had to in Germany.

The school is pretty small when I compare it to Dogwood Elementary. That's where I went for Kindergarten and 1st grade and it was the only American elementary school I ever attended. It's in Sugar City (Kershaw Intermedate is, not Dogwood Elementary), the next city north-northeast of Rexburg. Everyone knows everybody in the town and I know some of the students sisters and cousins so... small world, eh?

I'm horrible at ending these posts so here's a funny video: (Right at 1:04 is something Mom would say)

Parenting: you're doing it right.


Lisa Lou said...

What if someone was really named Zorbachok247 (or whatever)? Do you know the story of Superstar5Jemima? Kind of reminds me of that. Also, that was so funny when the girl said to drink water. Also, eating an apple or piece of bread would have helped too. haha!

Bryan Lewis said...

That's cool that you teach 5th graders. That's a cool age. Is that the grade you hope to teach someday? You should bring your guitar to class and sing a song about the colonies one day.

Greg Lewis said...

This is Mom. Those videos where the parents lie to their kids and say they ate all their candy make me mad. That little girl was so sweet and forgiving. Her Mom was kind of a jerk, though.

Katie Lewis said...

I was already imagining the juicy details of your love life before I finished that sentence and then I was so disappointed by the parentheses. But I do appreciate you keeping us in the loop.

Also, it is so endearing that you're going to be an elementary school teacher. I personally don't think there are enough men teaching elementary school. My fourth grade teacher and one of my sixth grade teachers were men and they were two of my favorite teachers. Bottom line: you are going to be so cool... as an elementary teacher, I mean. You're already cool.