Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Awkward situations aka don't hang out with me

I don't know why it is, but I think awkward situations are really, really funny. And I purposely try to make them and watch how people react.

Some instances as of recent:

1. I'm in an art class and we make clay pots and paint stuff and draw and a lot of the projects turn out really dumb and I don't want them. I've already gotten an A on them, so now what? In between my art class and the class after that (a class about light and sound and how our eyes and ears deal with light and sound physically, biologically, and psychologically) I try and give my artwork away to random students. And no one ever wants it! I mean, yeah, it looks dumb they would have no use for it, but whats the difference if I was giving away a clay coil pot or an Xbox?

2. Today at work this girl came in to talk to one of the professors. I was manning the front desk and thi girl was just playing on her phone and I thought "Hey, maybe she's hungry?" So, I turned towards her (the view was blocked by an ivy) and said "Hey, do you want some candy?" She took about five seconds to look up and said "Uhh, are you talking to me?" "Yeah," I said, "we have lots of Christmas candy. Want some?" "Uhh, no thanks." Her loss; it was really good.

3. I've started raising my hand like it's all deformed like this or this with the back of the hand towards the instructor. People think it's funny but I do it to spice things up because class gets boring sometimes.

4. Ghosting people in between classes. I never get caught because I'm sneaky.

Yeah, and other stuff here and there.

I have a list of social experiments I want to do. Maybe as I accomplish them I'll let you know. Or not because for some of them I want to keep my identity a secret...


Bryan Lewis said...

I feel like you're good at making awkward situations. Lisa told me that you told the waitress at the restaurant that she was cute, but that you said it all weird. Haha.
Man, I try to avoid awkward situations at all costs because it makes my face turn red

alison said...

hahahhaaa man i heard of some kid going into class and there was only one kid in the whole classroom and this person went in and sat right next to them but didn't say anything. i wish i had the guts to do something like that. i just like to stare at people awkwardly and not smile

Katie Lewis said...

It makes me so happy to think about you ghosting people in between classes.