Thursday, November 1, 2012

Back on the internet

Ok, well, that title, first off, is a lie. I've been on the internet for a while. What I mean to say is that I'm back to the art of blogging. Seeing as this is NaBloPoMo (and because Anna asked nicely), I'm going to start writing again.

School's going well. Classes are fun for the most part. Apartment's nice, friends are neat. Work is easy, I mainly just sit at a desk and do homework. Volunteering every now and then. That's pretty much my life up here in Rexburg.

My creative writing skills are pretty rusty and since I'll be posting every day, I'll post about something new/diferent/awkward that I'll have done that day. So here goes: today I bought dark chocolate and marzipan. Here's proof:

I was kind of worried but the chocolate was surprisingly really good for being so dark. The marzipan was good as well. When their forces combined, it was like a party erupted in my mouth and everyone had received a VIP invitation.

- Nathan


Lisa Lou said...

I'm really happy you're doing this. Also, I really love your background. Too bad it's just a picture...

Katie Lewis said...

Yay! Welcome back to the world wide interwebs!

P.S. Man, the word verification on comments has gotten so hard! I fail every time. If this ever gets through, you should feel really loved that I had to type in that many words and numbers in order to make it happen.

alison said...

i'd rather not be invited to that party but i appreciate the sentiment. yay chocolate!

Anna said...

1. I wish you would stop lying.

2. If only there was somewhere around here I could buy dark chocolate and marzipan... oh wait. I live in Germany. Heh heh.

3. awesome alliteration

Katie Lewis said...

Anna- #2... hahahaha!