Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The semester's ending

and I suddenly realize I have tons of free time. And am relaxed.

A lot of my semester was filled up with homework, classes, work, volunteering, church, etc. Now that things are winding down, the organizations and things I spent a lot of my extra time doing are done and I have so much free time.

Homework - just end projects that are relatively simple.
Classes - my classes are enjoyable to begin with.
Work - work is easy. I'm writing this post at work = enough said.
Volunteering - all the activities I volunteered with are done. And we get an appreciation dinner on Thursday.
Church - my calling was FHE dad and our FHE sisters were bums and never hardly ever pulled their weight or came. (Gals, if you read this, truth hurts.)

Also, as it gets closer to the end of the semester, it always seem like everybody goes bananas and stresses out about everything. I have never once stressed out at the end of a semester. Same thing with midterm exams during the middle of the semester. Everyone always gets really stressed and tense during those times as well. I don't. Maybe they are just faking it to get some sympathy because they are all princesses?

Point is, don't stress out or you'll get pimples or shingles. You can also get pimples by drinking 24 cans of Mountain Dew in the period of three days. I've been there.


Lisa Lou said...

Seriously. Stress = pimples, big time.
Also, with all your free time, why don't you mosey on down to Logan and come babysit Calvin so Mark and I can finish our projects and finals. We'll get you a really cool present for your birthday (us!!) har har.

Patricia said...

Amen to what Lisa said. Except with me it's cold sores! You could always just pop on over to VA for the weekend and help me with Christmas preparations! Glad you're doing well.
(24 cans? Really?)

Bryan Lewis said...

man, stress is bad. it's really bad when stress gives you diarrhea, and then you have to go take a test.

and how have you not been stressed during finals week? do you have really easy classes or something?

Anna said...

Stress also can lead to homicide. Uh, so I have heard.

Katie Lewis said...

Man, that is a lot of Mountain Dew.