Friday, April 3, 2009

I am an April Fool

I was pranked on April first. I was pranked really good.

See, my roommate Jordan has a girlfriend. And her name is Nicole. And she and her roommates decided they wanted to make us cookies. So, they gave them to Jordan to bring back to our dorm that night when we all came home. We all ate them and they were sooo good! I ate at least 10 cookies.

The next day, me and some other guys were having "intestinal issues." Other guys were having rumbly stomachs and didn't have any "issues" until later that evening. As I was wondering what could have caused these problems, I asked another guy and he said that Nicole's Facebook status said something about pulling an "ex-lax prank." I immediately marched over to their apartment and asked them about it. They were all dying of laughter when I came in. Yes, they had loaded those cookies with Ex-Lax. No wonder my day had been so horrible. I'm not going to go into details about anything, but there were some close calls. Especially in the library. Anyway, in short, Ex-Lax works, and don't accept any food from anyone on April first.


Patricia said...

My sides are hurting!

Katie said...

Hahahahaha. I can't decide which is funnier:
a. what happened to you
b. your mom laughing at you so much.

ali said...


Nicole Ellis said...

bahh haha!!!
sorry nate! we just couldn't resist!